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Bible Study Resources

If you are interested in studying the Bible for the first time, or looking for resources that will help you dig deeply into Bible truths, we can assist you.  Below are some of the Bible study tools that we use during our church meetings, mid-week Bible studies, and baptism preparation.  Don't hesitate to call, email, or stop by our church during our worship service if you would like one of these study guides.  You many also click on the accompanying links if you would like to purchase a study guide set.  And, if you or someone you know would like to study with our pastor or one of our members, please call or email us.

Sabbath School Quarterly Guide:  This is the resource that our adult class uses for their Saturday morning Bible study.  Each study guide is theme-specific and is used for three months (a quarter year) to help facilitate Scripture study, interaction, and discussion on the particular theme.  For more info on this study:

Discover Bible Study Guides:  This study resource is produced by an organization called Voice of Prophecy and is well-suited for beginning Bible students all the way to seasoned church members looking to dive deeper into biblical truths.  If you would like to order this study for yourself, click the link:

Truth Link Study Series:  This study guide set is about helping the Bible student understand what scriptural truths say about the character of God and how Jesus perfectly represented and manifested that loving character.

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